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Thursday, November 24, 2005

We were ON A BREAK!!

Yeah, I watched "Friends", sue me.

I am taking a short break. It's not like my blog is the political equal of The Huffington Post or Jesus' General or Red Tory. And it isn't nearly as funny/raunchy as either Vesti or the Rude Pundit.

So check back in a week or two.

Or don't.



Oh and Happy Turkey Day. Remember, turkey has triptofan(sp?) so don't eat and drive.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

So I took another test.

You are a

Social Liberal
(66% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(33% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

Sunday, November 13, 2005

'Pastor' Fister makes me sad.

I hate to re-publish these comments, but I am saddened by the story they tell. First, here are the comments from "Nation of Crybabies" post :

Martin Rayner (Red Tory) said...

We've got you right where we want you. me and Vesti are going to kill you dead....plumb dead!!!!
You're ass hats and we hate your hats of ass because we're rockers!
8:30 PM

???????? What is not here? hmmmm.

Martin Rayner said...

Rad, I contacted DL about this via e-mail. He didn't respond. But thanks for pointing that out. He is also impersonating Vesti. (Not that it's terribly difficult to differentiate between the two.) I may disagree with DL on just about everything, but I'd never stoop to the level of this moron.
6:14 PM

DL Foster said...
Admin note:
I have been away and unable to monitor comments in a timely fashion. I review them and take appropriate actions as soon as possible.
DL Foster
8:40 PM

RadicalPurple said...
You managed to delete MY explanatory comment from earlier but not the NASTY OFFENSIVE one? What is wrong with you?
10:21 PM

As you can see something is amiss here. Somewhere between the 8:30pm post by the Faux Martin/Red one day and the 6:14pm post by the real Marty the next day a post is missing.
The post Marty refers to in his post.
The post where I informed Mr.Fister that it was a stalker/asshole/poser that posted the nasty message.
The post that gave the link to Marty's real blog and informed him which post to read.
The post that asked him to ignore the pictures there and read the whole post before dismissing it entirely.
(Anyone who visits the Fanboy post and has also seen DL Fister's "writing" will understand my plea.)
Did I get any response from Reverend Fister? No. What I got was MY comment deleted and HOURS later the NASTY one is STILL FUCKING THERE!!! That is what makes me sad.

Good Fister, Are you scared that seeing the photos of shirtless studs will turn some of your readers GAY?

Or maybe you had to delete the temptation the link held for YOU.

Either way, deleting the link was more important than deleting racist, homophobic death threats?

Glad to see your "Christian" priorities are set on stun.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Bear (or bare) with me . . .

I had to copy/paste all previous comments after editing my blog setup. I deleted none and tried to keep them as close to original as I could.

Thanks. RadP

commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

Veteran's Day

A Thank You and a moment of silence...

...for those gone before their time.
...for those who serve.

No politics, just thanks.

I feel the need to share this.

Over at 'Pastor' Fisters I saw the following comment and had to show everyone, just in case it disappeared from over there. It was in response to DL yay-ing and hooray-ing the passing of the 'no-gay-marriage' amendment in Tex-ass.

Regan said...

Reasoned equal protection and standards do not and have not been specific about 'gays legally marrying'.
It doesn't have to.
There are no specifics about WHAT KIND of man and woman can marry and their condition of marriage is to be two consenting and non related adults.
This condition does not change and the bans are specific to gays ONLY, not just any two men or two women.

The worst kind of heterosexua, who isn't even free to walk the streets has the freedom, not privilege, to marry.
Marriage is NOT a privilege specified in the Constitution or Bill of Rights, it's a freely recognized institution among HUMAN beings, no condition of which is a personal characteristic, even perceived as a flaw that is unique and specific to a minority of human beings.

The worst kind of heterosexual has the protection, freedom and basic conditional standard to marriage, that a homosexual, much more suited to meeting his responsibility has for the same option.
This is called, unequal and unConstitutional.
If the black, gay is the same doesn't fly here.
That's because you don't WANT to recognize this undisputable truth.

Gays are beaten, jailed, harassed, horrifically killed or tortured, fired from jobs and careers destroyed too.
Not because of incompetence or activity AGAINST another human being, but because of their condition as a gay person.
Gay people understand segregation, understand struggle for identity and having their identity defined by someone else at the exclusion of all else of merit a gay person can offer society.
THIS is contrary to the Bill of Rigghts.
And anyone, especially a black man who claims experience with racism, and compassion for those 'struggling' should recognize when a person is struggling with the conceit of those in power, rather than the condition of WHAT they are.

Equal, means equal.
Not changing up the rules to isolate a minority for the purpose of inferior standing.

12:40 PM

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Duh, it dont matter nun tuh me.

RetardVet makes another BEAUTIFUL post called: I'm Lovin' It!

It is a 1300 word essay to say . . . he doesn't care what we say.

*cough* *cough* BULLSHIT *cough*
(Sorry, scratchy throat lately, must be my CRAP-detector)

Anyway...uh...yeah...I don't care what he...uh...says 'bout me or nothin...neither.

P.S. Any and all retarded comments from fright-wing kool-aid drinking pusbags are welcomed, will be laughed at and ridiculed.

aaaaaaand . . . GO!

He edited my comment on his site down to this laughable piece of excrement:

On the matters we agree on like Terri Schiavo and Tom Delay. Good on ya.

RV: It's time you morons humble yourselves and blog about politics. You fruitcakes come here and act like my site is a forum for your ignorance. You'll either post logic and relevance or you'll be dismissed. I have no time for idiots like you and your cronies.

Edited By Siteowner
RadicalPurple | 11.08.05 - 2:52 pm | #

I also called him a hypocrite and told him to go Darth Cheney himself, and laughed at his innane attempt to discount us with a 1300 word posting. I wonder why he erased those parts? he he

Rev Fister and his "Mary Magdelene"; Scar

Well our favorite auto-homo-phobic Adam(DL Fister) now has his Eve(Star Jonez with a "z"). And her first post?

Did it pay Sheryl Swoopes to be gay?

A meandering slop-pile of rumor and speculation, with a simple-minded attempt to blame cancer, injuries, and other "acts of God" on . . . what? HOMOSEXUALITY!! If only they weren't so . . . GAY, none of this would have happened. Especially heinous to them is Sheryls coming out for profit. SHREEK!
Bleh. Do they work together to come up with this drivel?

Why do bad things happen to good people? Just ask DL Fister or his new chicky. I'm sure they will be able to come up with something. *cough* gay *cough*

The best part is this hypocritical sputum from Star:
... I have no comments, I have no judgments all I have are prayers for Sheryl Swoopes.

except of course for the rumor, speculation, and innuendo. Right Star?

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Repugnant Vet

Well it’s time. Not to take anything away from vets and navy men in general, but this ass-clown claims he is:
"...a veteran who put his life on the line for the freedom of the United States and the liberation of millions of Iraqis."
Really? You mean during the month and a half you spent taking care of REAL risk-takers like the Marines of the 24th MEU? The Marines you acted as a shuttle service for? The HEROES you brought home? Whatever, FOOL.

This disingenuous jackass wants us to believe he is the greatest thing since sliced bread, when the truth is he probably couldn't fight his way out of the Wonder Bread bag. Lord knows his awkward blog and delete-happy comment section leave a LOT to be desired. I know mine isn’t much better, except I don't try to be anything more than what I am, and I don’t delete posts from visitors, even when if they ARE Fright-Wing, Kool-Aid guzzling, neo-con, homophobic dooshbags.

Anyway, you can visit his blog HERE although I don't recommend it, unless you like the Kool-Aid, or seeing this idiot in action, or arguing with a brick wall, or want to see how fast your post can be deleted.

He says this:

RV: Lol, And I didn't even delete anything.

But deletes this:

RV: I don't think so. It's a proces(sic) of elimination and common sense. If he provides a way to become "unregistered" then he is probably tryng(sic) it, himself.....meaning he's registered.

Maybe if you had taken the time to read his site other than the 7 reasons, you would see that he tells how to UNregister - move without a forwarding address. That does not imply in any way that he is or isn't registered.

If you want me to school you on gay marriage and the Bible, start a new post about it and I will.
RadicalPurple | Homepage | 11.06.05 - 8:30 pm | #

That last bit from me was in response to this:

RV: And if you're a guy you should seriously change your alias on here, lol. Unless you're gonna harp on me about gay marriage next.

I won't harp on you about gay marriage until you post on it.

RV: I already have.

And my handle has nothing to do with being gay, not that there's anything wrong with that.

RV: Being a guy and purple is usually a sure fire sign. And yes, there is something wrong with an immoral lifestyle that God, our Creator, condems(sic).

If he is the strong, confident man he claims to be, why does he remove posts that show him up? I heard a saying once that fits here:

“All hat, no cattle.”

And how.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Over at DL's World of Homophobia

The Reverend has an interesting problem. How to make himself sound right and the rest of us sound wrong. Oh, wait, he figured it out. Delete posts that disagree with him and shed light on his hypocrisy, then claim it is to "protect" others.

RadicalPurple said...
This post has been removed by a blog administrator.
8:19 AM

DL Foster said...
I have so much compassion, I am deleting your comment out of deep concern for anyone who may be damaged and wounded by it. I have compassion for you. You are apparently lost and extremely out of touch with real life, thanks to a steady diet of AeroAmerica.
For the 1163rd time, your comments should be in response to the post. I understand that you have unresolved anger issues, but you will have to pay someone to handle that. No freebies here.

Want to know what my inflamatory, revolting, damaging post was? It went something like this.

DL, I read some of Toscanos posts and have to say, he seems to be a better "Christian" than YOU. He doesn't slam anyone, and he DOES allow differing opinions to be posted, without negative, snide comments or false claims that he allows dissenting opinion. His posts also try to inform and help others by describing the "hell" he went thru to try to be something he is not; "ex-gay", as well as the tactics those "caring" organizations use. He shows how he feels about being a Christian and dealing with the conflicts that arise from that combo.

Please feel free to check Peter Toscano out yourself and make up your own mind.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Prediction for 2008

Harry Reid will run for POTUS. Why do I say so? Because I believe this is his first shot across the bow and a very useable example of his "strength and leadership" come campagin time:
Closed Door Session