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Monday, October 31, 2005

Cherry-Picking Unemployment

Over at BowyersPlace the unemployment rate looks like Bush is the best president ever . . . until you actually check the numbers. According to Bowyer, Bush's CURRENT rate of 9.4% is better than Clinton's AVERAGE rate of 10% which is accurate but misleading.

He had a 10% average in the Clinton yrs, his last 3 yrs averaged less than 8.9%. His lowest was 7.0% His highest 11.1%
Bushs AVERAGE is over 10.5% and this 9.4% is his lowest since he took office and ran it up from a low of 7.7%. His highest was 11.3%
Nice cherry-picking Mr.Bowyer.

See for yourself at US Dept of Labor

Banned from BlogtardsFor Bush

I got banned. It is my first banning. These are the emails explaining.

Your comment was denied for questionable content. If you feel this was in error, please contact the moderator.

This is questionable content?

THEM: "Think about it, there are liberals in this country who believe that Saddam Hussein was a legitimately elected dictator of Iraq, but don't believe George W. Bush is the legitimately elected President of the United States.

ME: Really? Who are they?"

Or was it because I posted contradictory to stated beliefs.
So much for the freedom of speech.

Their response:

Your post was denied because you have been banned from posting comments at Blogs For Bush. All attempts by you to post comments will be denied by the system, with the message that you received - which is a canned message from the system when comments are rejected.


My response:

To: "Moderator"

Why am I banned? For contradictory beliefs? Because of COWARDS? Because I was RIGHT? It can't be because I posted off-topic or you would have to ban at least 2 or 3 others.

Their response:

You are banned for questioning the moderation policy. Further emails from you will not be read nor responded to.


My final and most likely ignored message:

To: "Moderator"

I see. So you ARE a bunch of fuckin cowards that can't take a point of view that differs from your own and POKES HOLES in your obviously WRONG belief system.

It may not be the best writing I have ever done. . . .but I felt better afterwards.